Plagiarism Report and Submission for Formatting Controls

While submitting your thesis to the members the jury before your defense, you must also submit to them the plagiarism report obtained via the Turnitin software.

Please follow the steps and the detailed instructions provided in the documents linked below:

Flowchart: Guidelines for Plagiarism Control, Thesis Defense and Submission

Picture guide for people encountering enrollment problems.

When emailing us, please do not send your Turnitin report or your thesis attached. We can access those from the Turnitin system.

After the thesis defense, the thesis must be submitted to the FBE for formatting checks. This step must be completed before the student can apply for graduation. All corrections must be completed before the final approval.

All students must submit the summary plagiarism report (signed or initialed by all of the members of the jury), along with their theses.

Ph.D. students must submit their Ph.D. Thesis Report (signed by all of the members of the jury) along with their thesis.

Guidelines for writing the Ph.D. Thesis Report can be found in the document attached below.