Special Student Applications

Special Students are non-degree students admitted on semester basis to take one or more courses. Candidates to become Special Students in a particular semester should fill a Special Student application form and submit it to the associated department, together with the necessary documentation. A special student application form can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Application Form for Special Students(doc)

Further information on Special Students and their application requirements can be obtained from the Registrar's Office.

Students, who are enrolled to a state university other than BU and willing to take courses at BU as special students should satisfy the following conditions:

Students should fill the application form fully.
Students should bring an approval document from their enrolled institute stating that they can take courses from BU.
Students should bring a document stating their English proficiency from BU School of Foreign Languages.
Students should bring an approval notice from the instructor of the course which they would take.
Students should take a registration number from the Registrar's office, handing all of their documents and receipt of the application fee, and submit this number to the Institute.